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Women in Mining

Within Australia, the mining industry is currently employing men and women with the percentage of female employees being 18%. Mining companies are seeking for skilled workers in order to fill their increasing demand for employees with their outstanding growth year over year. The benefits and advantages of working over in the mines is an attractive opportunity for women in order to maintain financial stability and learn in a new industry. Although, the working environment may discourage some from taking the plunge and working in an unfamiliar environment. Companies are working to redress these concerns and open opportunities that don’t require hard labour or undesirable working conditions. There are several opportunities for women in the mining industry that can accommodate many styles of living, working and learning. Whether you’re into technology, administration or business, there are many workplace options within the industry.

Despite these new opportunities, it’s important for women to be aware of the challenges they and men may still face working on the mines. Living away from home and loved ones can put pressure on relationships. Long hours and shift work can take its toll, especially on working mothers who must return home to the proverbial ‘second shift’. But if you can master the balance between family demands and mine-based workload, the income advantages and flexible work packages may allow a better lifestyle overall.

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