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Australian visa changes coming – March 2018

Today there are almost 100 different Australian visa sub classes to choose from when applying for a visa. Which visas will be effected after the March’18 changes?

This month of March 2018 – the Department of Home Affairs (Immigration and Citizenship Services) – DOHA ICS are abolishing one of the most commonly utilised pathways. We are talking about the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa SC 457. It will be replaced by the Temporary Short Stay (TSS) visa SC 482. This Australian visa subclass has a new name and new specific requirements! The difference between visa SC 457 and SC 482 is significant. As an example, as the holder of a SC 457 you were mostly able to apply for a permanent visa. As the holder of the SC 482 you MAY not be able to. Contact us to get more information. 

As part of the changes coming in March 2018 DOHA ICS are also trying to introduce the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF).  What does this mean? Employers who wish to sponsor an overseas worker will have to pay a fee into the SAF. The intention of the SAF is to pay for training for Australians. In other words, the aim is to try to reduce our reliance on overseas workers.

The above changes on Australian visa sub classes were announced last April 2017 whereby they advised the changes were to commence in March 2018. We are all waiting with baited breath! We will share with more information as soon as know new details.

At Migration Team Australia we are able to provide accurate and timely advice on the best Australian visa option open to you, your business and / or your family! Some opportunities which let you migrate to Australia until today may be finished after March 2018,  however there will be other pathways towards Australian immigration as well as towards a temporary stay in Australia so contact us for more information.  We will be happy to help!

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