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Update regarding SC 457 / SC 482 visa

As you may know the SC 457 visa has been abolished, as such the new TSS SC 482 visa
is it

As you may know the SC 457 visa has been abolished, as such the new TSS SC 482 visa is its replacement.

Many changes have occurred to Australian migration law during 2017 and 2018 – which has seen a major overhaul to employer sponsored pathways.

In addition to the new sub class (SC 482) the SAF – Skilling Australians Fund or NTCC – Nomination Training Contribution Charge has replaced the Training Benchmarks A and B as of 12 August 2018.  The SAF or NTCC is a fee / charge that is imposed on employers who nominate workers for temporary or permanent skilled work visas.  Depending on the turnover of the business and how many years the nomination period is for OR which sub class of visa is being nominated for will depend on how much the fee to be paid will be.

What does this mean to you?  This depends on where you are in the process and what you are looking at doing in the future (such as transitioning).  As this is such a complex change we highly recommend you seek advice from a professional in order to understand what this may mean for you as an employer or an applicant.

At Migration Team Australia we are able to provide accurate and timely advice on the best Australian visa option open to you or your business. Choose your consultation and contact us for more information.  We will be happy to help!

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